About Victor




Greg Jumes

Greg’s USMC deployment ended February 2008, and his Marine Corps enlistment ended in January of 2010. After being deactivated, he attended a two-day seminar to prepare him for his return to civilian life. Without any direction of what he should do after his time in the service, he returned to Sheboygan, the only destination he knew outside of military life. This began a cycle of depression, feelings of being lost, and drug use. Without the auspices of his fellow brothers, or orders to follow, he felt as though he no longer belonged in civilian life, even going through a bout of homelessness, in which he relied on the generosity of friends for a place to stay. Living on an air mattress, down to the last few dollars in his pocket, desperation and depression had become a day-to-day reality, when he saw a hiring ad for an international security firm called Triple Canopy. Less than 24 hours later, received an offer letter that would begin a 4-year career as a high-threat Security Contractor.

It was through these experiences and skills that he realized how he could best help others avoid the turbulence that he went through. Recognizing that active service members could be better served by utilizing their skills of planning and efficiency, as well as information gathering, Greg decided to create a platform with which they could successfully manage their own transition back to civilian life. Through working with recruiters, educational organizations, local businesses, and health providers his goal is to create a platform that will help veterans and their families plan a successful and meaningful life after service.


Weston Polaski

Weston is a veteran of the United States Marine Corps and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Weston has over seven years experience in higher education, starting off as a work study and rose to the position of Director. After seven years in that field, he didn’t feel challenged anymore and began looking for a new adventure.

Weston began working on a startup tech company with the founder called Victor Tech. Victor is a mobile application, unlike the military community, has ever experienced. A platform for the military community including dependents, active duty, reservists, retirees, and veterans, to use to navigate cities across the United States. We bring a holistic approach when trying to fix the military transition process.